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Our journey is about hellos and goodbyes. It’s about you and me. It’s about showing up in all our glory and being humbled by all our flaws. It’s about all the little happenings in between the low and high extremes and how we choose to be.


-Lea Gambina Pecora


Wonderfully Human (The Book)

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Feel free to flip through the pages below to preview the book.  The Introduction on pg. 1 explains what Wonderfully Human is all about.

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Something that cannot be underestimated is the fact that our emotional wellness has a lot to do with our physical wellness.

We can practice new thought patterns, more compassionate ways of looking at the world and our relationships, however, if we’re physically not well, we are placing a layer of burden on our ability to thrive in this life.

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Life Vision

Wonderfully Human’s mission is to help people experience more ease and joy in life, regardless of circumstances.

Having a broader perspective about life and connecting with others (and ourselves) authentically and compassionately is key.

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There’s something odd about me. It’s more funny than anything else at this point.  I have a phobia of little round things – pea size anything – pearls, Skittles, etc., even peanut M&M’s if they’re too small and round. Peas are the absolute worst. They’re simply gross to me. They always have been and I don’t even know why…(not that I’ve tried to figure it out).

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